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Todd Ramsell Bio

Todd Ramsell was born in Houston, Texas in 1970. Son of a NASA engineer and a school teacher Todd had a very supportive upbringing which allowed him to develop some really bad ideas. Those dangerous thoughts found more encouragement at the University of North Texas where he made some friends and became a founding member of the Good/Bad Art Collective. At U.N.T he studied fine art and film and graduated with a B.F.A in 1993.

Mr. Ramsell has exhibited his artwork and comics throughout Texas since 1993 and has created illustrations and designs for alternative weekly papers, recording covers, t-shirts and web sites. His comix have appeared in Hyena, Jab, and Heavy Metal. He is creator of Polypop and launched it in 2001 to promote independent comics and their creators. He is currently living in Dallas, Texas working as a graphic artist.

Todd can be reached by E-mail at: todd@polypop.com